Facility Management Services Made Simple.

In today’s management market, most of our clients are left with two options: to either run a facility by themselves or pay a big management company to run the facility for them, which is expensive and requires that the owner relinquish all control to the management company. Most of our clients want something in between those two options, while still remaining financially efficient. With this in mind, we have created a service we call Management Lite, which includes:
  • Employee training and guidance
  • Revenue management
  • Operational oversight
  • Website and marketing assistance

Increase Profits Without Lifting a Finger.

Management Lite is a management service designed to give facility owners the golden standard of an “A-rated”, top tier facility. We handle everything from employee recruitment and training to implementing best operation practices and utilizing effective revenue management to ensure increased profits. All of this, while allowing the owner to always maintain operational control. This service contract is on a monthly basis which means the owner is not locked into a long-term contract.