USB Green Key of Knowledge

USB Green Key of Knowledge

If information is power, then this compact USB drive is the most powerful and effective tool you can have on hand to improve your self storage education. This Key of Knowledge includes a complete collection of all Self Storage 101 Training Materials, including:


  • Audit materials: worksheet, video and presentation
  • Collections training: presentation and video
  • Customer service training: training presentation and video
  • Marketing materials: cost-effective presentation
  • Time management training
  • Operational review presentation
  • Operations manual (editable)
  • Employee handbook (editable)
  • Owning and operating self storage: training presentation
  • Workshop presentation and workbook
  • Self Storage 101 handbook
  • Feasibility and due diligence presentation
  • Revenue management: Increasing profits presentation
  • Revenue Management 101 book
  • Sales training: price stalls
  • Sales 101 presentation: training video


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