When it comes to real estate and investment, having knowledge is crucial. And in the self storage industry specifically, a feasibility study (also known as a self storage demand study) can be a major asset. It helps guide decisions and ensures success. In this blog post, we’ll go over what these studies involve, what’s usually included, and why they’re so important in the self storage industry. Finally, we’ll introduce you to a solution provided by Self Storage 101.

Understanding Self Storage Demand Studies

What Is It?

A self storage demand study is a thorough analysis conducted to evaluate the feasibility and potential success of a self storage project. It goes beyond surface-level assessments, providing a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics, demand factors, and financial considerations.

What’s Typically Included?

A standard self storage demand study comprises several key components:

Demographic Analysis:

Understanding the local population and their storage needs is fundamental. A demographic analysis helps identify the target market and potential demand for self storage units.

Competitor Analysis:

Examining the competitive landscape is crucial. This includes profiling existing self storage facilities in the area, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and identifying opportunities for differentiation.

Market Rates and Demand Calculations:

Analyzing market rates and calculating demand projections are essential steps. This helps in determining the optimal unit mix, pricing strategy, and estimating the potential revenue of the self storage project.

Financial Analysis:

A self storage demand study includes a financial analysis that goes beyond mere projections. It typically covers income statements, cash flow analysis, estimated development costs, and various financial metrics.

Risk Assessment and Recommendations:

Identifying potential risks and providing strategic recommendations are integral. A well-conducted study points out challenges and offers insights on mitigating risks and maximizing success.

The Need for a Self Storage Demand Study

Informed Decision-Making:

In the competitive self storage landscape, decisions should be grounded in data. A demand study provides the necessary insights to make informed choices about the viability of a self storage project.

Securing Financing:

Banks and investors often require detailed analyses before committing funds. A comprehensive demand study is a persuasive tool for financing a self storage venture.

Optimizing Development Plans:

Knowing the demand and market dynamics allows for the optimization of unit mix and development plans. This is crucial for creating a project that aligns with market needs and maximizes profitability.

Risk Mitigation:

A demand study acts as a risk mitigation strategy by identifying potential challenges and providing recommendations. It equips stakeholders with the knowledge to navigate hurdles and increase the likelihood of success.

As we learn more about self storage demand studies, it’s important to remember that they’re not just reports. They’re strategic guides that can help you succeed in the self storage industry. In the next section, we’ll take a look at what Self Storage 101 has to offer. Our services include comprehensive insights through our Market and Feasibility Study and Desktop Market Study.

Self Storage 101: The Market and Feasibility Study

What Is It?

The Market and Feasibility Study offered by Self Storage 101 epitomizes in-depth research and analysis. It goes beyond the basics, providing a comprehensive review essential for securing financing for a self storage project. This study includes all the Desktop Study elements, more detailed competitor profiles, and a complete financial analysis.

What’s Included?

The final report of the Market and Feasibility Study is a goldmine of information. It encompasses seven years of income statements, cash flow analysis, estimated development costs, ROI, and Cash-on-Cash Return Analysis. Moreover, it provides recommendations on financing, development, and vendors, offering a roadmap for success.

Self Storage 101: The Desktop Market Study

What Is It?

The Desktop Market Study is a popular choice for clients seeking an initial assessment of whether a self storage site is worth further exploration. It’s a lighter version of the comprehensive study, yet it holds significant value in decision-making.

What’s Included?

This study is designed to provide clients with essential insights. It includes a demographic report, competitor map and profiles, rate matrix, demand calculations, recommended unit mix, income statement, and estimates of value and development costs. The Executive Summary with recommendations offers a quick overview for busy decision-makers.

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